Monday, February 2, 2004

What a superbowl. OK if you're not into sports, don't read this. I agree that there are a lot of good reasons to object to big league sports but none of them have to do with the actual game. The commercials and half-time show were crap. All the better. The game itself was beautiful and that's what matters. I was so happy to see two excellent teams where everyone was a good sport. No showboating, no mean-spirited antics. Just great playing. And even a sense of humility. Like a lot of things, a good ball game illustrates some important lessons in life. To be fierce, yet controlled. To be eager, yet calm. To be fired up, but not so much that the emotions turn performance into chaos. To be determined to reach your goals and principled in your efforts. To have heart. . . Uh-oh, I'm starting to sound all gushy now. Better sign off before I start singing some broadway tune ;-)