Thursday, February 5, 2004

Being a professional domina puts one in a very interesting position-- one that is easily misunderstood. I'm beginning to see the importance of the role of teacher in all of this. There is so much ignorance about the nature of our craft. From those who lump us together with prostitutes on the one hand, to those who see us as exploiting the SM lifestyle on the other. There will always be non-believers in every direction. I have learned not to be offended by other people's cluelessness, and to have patience with those receptive to discovering the truth of the matter. I think women have been so trained to react strongly at even the insinuation of being called a whore, that it can lead to blinding, destructive rage rather than bridge building and compassion. I am secure in who I am, what I do and do not do. For those with good intentions, it is often simply a matter of re-education.