Saturday, June 28, 2003

It was scorching hot this past week. It made for some sweaty scenes. I managed to work in the use of ice cubes and cold water rather nicely to help cool things off!

I had a first the other day. It's usually my clients that are "de-virginized" in some fashion (And I feel truly honored to have had several clients choose me as their first strap-on experience). Before this past week, I had never professionally topped another woman. It was wonderful! I look forward to playing with more lovely ladies and couples :-)

Monday, June 23, 2003

Maybe it was my friend's new $700 television set. Whatever it was, I found myself transfixed by the frenetic antics of the World Wrestling Entertainment. Such unabashed showboating. Performances that are literally back-breaking and rib-crushing. All for the glory of the crowd -- the cheers, jeers and burn of the spotlight. It got me thinking about pro-domination as performance. For better or worse, I am quite shy in public so the one-on-one nature of my private scenes are when I can really let loose. On the other hand, I know some dommes that are much more comfortable on stage. For some of them, it almost seems like there is a certain bitterness at having to perform for an audience of one, as if their talent is being wasted. Then there are the rare dommes I know who shun all publicity, never advertise, never get mentioned on any message board or publications. And more often than not, I have seen them work the most powerful magic of all.

Friday, June 20, 2003

I just added new pics to most of the pages on my personal site. Spent yesterday glued to the computer screen to do it!

Thinking about some of the things I read, watched or experienced that have influenced my psyche. Here are some of the contributing factors to my wild imagination:
>Comic Books including Elf Quest, X-Men (the Dark Phoenix saga, the very SM-themed Hellfire Club)
> Anime series Robotech (especially the first Macross)
>Speculative Fiction ala Harlan Ellison
>Cyberpunk (especially William Gibson's Burning Chrome -- the first Matrix movie finally got this genre translated into film in a good way)
>Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age (beyond Cyberpunk -- a future of nanotech and subculture nation-states. if you've read it, you may recall the scene with a Eurasian dominatrix!)
>Dungeons and Dragons and other fantasyfare

OK so now you know I'm really just a big geek in the body of a vixen. Ha ha revenge of the nerds ;-)

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

I recently bought a praying mantis egg case from the garden store. It hatched the other day and about 100 little praying mantids came out. According to a friend of mine, the siblings will duke it out, fighting and eating one another until there is only 1 mantis left -- of course, the absolute fittest, fiercest and strongest of the batch. Nature can be so ruthless. I had an adult praying mantis as a pet for a few months last year. It jabbed my friend in the ankle on a camping trip. We caught it in a bottle and took it home. Actually, we caught two of them but one got its head eaten off by the other. OK it's not what you think. It's not because the female of the species bites off the head of the male during mating. They are just so cool to look at with their little alien head like an upside-down triangle with 2 big black oval eyes. It's fun to watch them preen like a cat, cleaning their antennas with their terminator-2 looking arms. To me, this efficient little killing machine has a lot more personality than a hamster!

On to sexier subjects. Eva Mendez is an up and coming actress. I had the privilege of meeting her a few years back. I'm from Hollywood and have met more than my share of shallow aspiring actors. But Eva is different. She was one of the nicest, sweetest women I've ever met who is also incredibly sexy and charming. She also speaks her mind -- check out her interview in the latest issue of GQ.

Saturday, June 14, 2003

I saw a party flyer for the 8th annual Faux Queen Pagent, benefitting SF Sex Info and The Women's Community Clinic. It's a contest open to all genetically challenged drag queens and will be judged on drag, talent and personality. I love it. Only in San Francisco! (Well, hopefully not but probably so -- we are the most open-minded, gender-bendingest city I've ever had the pleasure of living in)
I should strap on my detachable penis and enter the Faux T-Girl Pageant. I'm serious. I definitely have a penis in my brain (OK so I'm copying Madonna -- she said it first in her hot coffee table photo book SEX, but it works for me too ;-)

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I was recommended the other day on the Max Fisch review board as the "Shock & Awe" strap-on Mistress in San Francisco. It's funny because one of my devoted slaves used that term to describe our first session together. I'm not sure I like to be associated with such a loaded phrase, but hey I'm not going to reject a compliment!

I just filled out a listing for I am not 100% certain that it's the directory for American Dommes magazine -- it has the same images and colors but why isn't it at -- or if they are a copycat. Oh well, there seem to be quite a few other dominas listed so it seems legit enough.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

OK so I haven't been writing very much in my blog. I have a feeling with summer just around the corner that I may be taking a break from my more long-winded expositions. So if you are new to my online journal, I suggest going back to the beginning (click on the archives links) for some thought-provoking reading :-)

Saturday, June 7, 2003

This entry is dedicated to the Pliant Giant. I am glad to have had the opportunity to play with you. God bless.

I am currently working on switching over my website from a sitebuilder framework into php. I'll be completely changing the look and feel of it. I'll also be adding 2 new pages to the gallery with images from a recent shoot with Medea Media. Watch out for it...