Friday, December 28, 2007

Storming into 2008

2008 is sneaking up on us, isn't it? Mistress can hardly believe that the year is almost over! Can you believe I haven't even made New Year's plans? This year I think I'll forgo the big parties. Perhaps head into the woods and enjoy the quiet peace that only Mother Nature can provide.

Though some may think it a bit contrived, I do look at this time to contemplate where I have been and where I'd like to go in this life's journey. Year-end reviews are not so much in the form of resolutions for me, at least not in the sense of hard and fast rules that I hope to enforce upon myself. It's more of a self-examination and a brain-storming session to come up with new goals to focus on and areas to explore.


I had a conversation today with a prospective submissive about a particular fetish which I have yet to indulge in, but which has intrigued me for some time. We spoke of the thrill of playing on that psychological edge, where both top and bottom players are challenged, so that the energy itself takes on an almost uncomfortable quality. I know such scenes are not for everyone. Yet the thought of it most definitely gave Mistress a rush! I will refrain from writing further about this unnamed fetish until I have tested the waters a bit more...

Though I will say that, within reason (which of course, is subjective), I am open to many kinds of play scenarios. Equally as important as the fetish being indulged in, is the mental exchange. I have found that most smart people who have a sense of humor and a level of self-awareness indicative of someone who works on him/herself are great "partners in crime" in the dungeon. So much of what goes on is above and beyond the physical acts. Bottom line for me: it's all about the mind fuck.


2008 will be my first New Year as an independent dominatrix. I spent this past year transitioning. I have been so very grateful for the continued support and amazing connections I have enjoyed with my stable of submissives, as well as the new faces (and bodies and minds!) who have humbled themselves before me.

Now I feel it's time to heighten my presence within the international community of serious Mistresses. I am also contemplating moving my site url and email to a more uniform "xiavox" address, especially since the dash in my website and the dot in my email address can get a bit confusing.


Happy New Year all you lovely kinksters! Peace, blessings and wicked times. . .

~Mistress Xia Vox~

fyi- special gallery updated today

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays sluts!

I have just had a wonderful streak of sweet n saucy sissy sluts (try saying that 3 times fast!). Wickedly good fun whipping my lovely pussy-boys into proper shape as servants and servicers ;-) It all has been quite inspiring. It does feel like I'm coming back to my roots.

Gender-bending, wielding the power of the phallus and slut training have been dear to my heart from the start of my journey as a dominant. Sadly, I more recently felt compelled to shy away from this strong passion of mine because of too many negative encounters. I still love the imagery and symbolism of strap-ons, but dislike how it attracts inquiries of a decidedly unseemly caliber.

No doubt, harness and dildo can be straight-to-the-point tools in the sodomizing of man by woman. But it needn't be so simplistic and lacking in subtlety. When I say I love this, it does not mean I want to bugger every Tom, Dick and Harry who happens to cross my path!

To me, the term slut training is so much more than a mere synonym for strap-on play. It's an entire way of seeing the D/s dynamic - one where the submissive is a slave to his own lust, and that is the key by which Mistress controls him. Chained to his wayward libido, the slave is at the mercy of the Woman Who Knows. Yes, the woman who knows the truth of his depravity, and who can match the dirtiest of his thoughts and take the twist even further.

Happy holidays sluts! Mistress looks forward to more blissful perversions in 2008...