Friday, February 25, 2005

I love all the titles one can pick and choose from as a dominatrix. To name a few: Empress, Lady, Domina, and of course, Mistress. When I began my career as a pro domme almost three years ago, I remained ambivalent as to which form of address to use. [This is one reason why my main URL is, though if you type in or it all re-directs to me.]

You see, one of my early mentors in the scene absolutely loathed the term "Mistress." Yet for me, this title has turned out to feel like the best fit. I enjoy its multi-layered connotations: it is the feminine form of both "mister" and "master," and also shares the same name as that of a long-taboo role for women -- the bad woman, the temptress, bringer of pleasure and pain. The word "Mistress" has just the right amount of serpentine hiss in its enunciation to arouse a sense of mysterious power when spoken. And yet as a title it is vague enough not to give anything away or box one in too much.

Ironically, in my life I have found numerous occasions where I have been called a "Princess." The other day my sister was looking online for my site. "What is it," she said, "" I had to laugh! Thank the heavens, life has always been good to me, enough so that I've felt quite pampered and special. But I've never been one to wear t-shirts or jewelry emblazoned with "Princess" or "Spoiled" or other silly things.

Then again, a friend of mine did kid me that Mistress sounds like Ms. Stress. Now that's a good one. But only the Mistress gets to joke about that one! Double standards are in force, slave -- and you'll love every minute of it!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

What with the February special going on, I've been getting booked up for the day within the first hour. If you have been to The Gates before, I recommend pre-booking your session. Even new clients can make an advance appointment with a $50 deposit -- email me directly for instructions. Best of luck!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Valentines Special

Announcement: The Gates is having a special offer for the month of February only. In the spirit of Valentines Day, sessions of an hour or longer will be $20 off. I advise calling early to secure your appointment.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

I wanted to share a photo and email from one of my lovely slaves. A little background first. Despite the fact that Angela had been fantasizing for quite some time about feminization, she had not even begun to experiment with cross-dressing in all the years she had seen professional dominas -- until she came to visit me. From our very first session together, I sensed the possibility for a fruitful connection. Beneath her quiet exterior, I perceived a commonality in interests and outlook. I could see further exciting explorations on the horizon, once true trust was established.

Over the past 2 years, I have watched Angela transform into a self-assured, adventurous cross-dresser (who plays the part of delectable slut especially well on all fours in stockings and garter!) and a delightfully masochistic submissive.

Of course, we each have our own unique paths to follow. Yet whatever one's innermost desires may be, I take pride in creating an environment of trust, celebration and pleasurable self-exploration.

Image hosted by

Mistress Xia and slave Angela

From Angela's email to Mistress Xia:

Sometimes Angela wishes she could tell other people about Mistress Xia, because this is what she would talk about. First, she would credit Mistress for her spirit of life, both her own personal life and her ability to demonstrate to others to not be afraid to live boldly. Second, Angela would tell about Mistress' curiosity to explore - to search for new interests, new experiences, and new thresholds to cross... and to again give confidence to others to follow their own explorations. Third, Angela would describe how a person could combine kindness and cruelty in all the proper amounts at all the right times. Finally, Angela would try to describe to someone how fulfilling it is to be a slave to a wonderful Dom like Mistress Xia.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Over Halloween I procured a fun little naughty nurse's outfit. It's white vinyl with red trim with a matching hat. It's so shiny, slick and playful-- I feel like an anime character when I have it on. I wore it out for a friend's costume party and it certainly was an attention-getter!

Since I'm not into catheters, piercing or other more invasive play, I rarely do medically themed scenes. But I had so much fun playing the haughty and strict nurse wearing that get-up that I decided to concoct a scene especially to wear it in.

I enlisted one of my loyal slaves for the roleplay. He was a patient seeking a consultation with the celebrated psychiatrist Dr. Xia. But first he had to undergo a preliminary examination with Nurse Jezebel. Cold and clinical, I put him through increasingly intense procedures with little explanation. In a state of bewilderment, experiencing waves of pleasure and pain, my patient then witnessed his nurse transform into Dr. Xia. A slightly unconventional but highly illuminating initial examination -- testing out one's unguarded reactions to the provocative actions of a beautiful and powerful woman, Dr. Xia assures her patient. Now that was a fun scene ;-)