Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Over Halloween I procured a fun little naughty nurse's outfit. It's white vinyl with red trim with a matching hat. It's so shiny, slick and playful-- I feel like an anime character when I have it on. I wore it out for a friend's costume party and it certainly was an attention-getter!

Since I'm not into catheters, piercing or other more invasive play, I rarely do medically themed scenes. But I had so much fun playing the haughty and strict nurse wearing that get-up that I decided to concoct a scene especially to wear it in.

I enlisted one of my loyal slaves for the roleplay. He was a patient seeking a consultation with the celebrated psychiatrist Dr. Xia. But first he had to undergo a preliminary examination with Nurse Jezebel. Cold and clinical, I put him through increasingly intense procedures with little explanation. In a state of bewilderment, experiencing waves of pleasure and pain, my patient then witnessed his nurse transform into Dr. Xia. A slightly unconventional but highly illuminating initial examination -- testing out one's unguarded reactions to the provocative actions of a beautiful and powerful woman, Dr. Xia assures her patient. Now that was a fun scene ;-)