Friday, June 20, 2003

I just added new pics to most of the pages on my personal site. Spent yesterday glued to the computer screen to do it!

Thinking about some of the things I read, watched or experienced that have influenced my psyche. Here are some of the contributing factors to my wild imagination:
>Comic Books including Elf Quest, X-Men (the Dark Phoenix saga, the very SM-themed Hellfire Club)
> Anime series Robotech (especially the first Macross)
>Speculative Fiction ala Harlan Ellison
>Cyberpunk (especially William Gibson's Burning Chrome -- the first Matrix movie finally got this genre translated into film in a good way)
>Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age (beyond Cyberpunk -- a future of nanotech and subculture nation-states. if you've read it, you may recall the scene with a Eurasian dominatrix!)
>Dungeons and Dragons and other fantasyfare

OK so now you know I'm really just a big geek in the body of a vixen. Ha ha revenge of the nerds ;-)