Monday, June 23, 2003

Maybe it was my friend's new $700 television set. Whatever it was, I found myself transfixed by the frenetic antics of the World Wrestling Entertainment. Such unabashed showboating. Performances that are literally back-breaking and rib-crushing. All for the glory of the crowd -- the cheers, jeers and burn of the spotlight. It got me thinking about pro-domination as performance. For better or worse, I am quite shy in public so the one-on-one nature of my private scenes are when I can really let loose. On the other hand, I know some dommes that are much more comfortable on stage. For some of them, it almost seems like there is a certain bitterness at having to perform for an audience of one, as if their talent is being wasted. Then there are the rare dommes I know who shun all publicity, never advertise, never get mentioned on any message board or publications. And more often than not, I have seen them work the most powerful magic of all.