Friday, February 13, 2004

I've been asked a few times by concerned individuals if I get to screen those who come to serve me. Actually, my website acts as a very good filter. Ever since I put it up over a year ago, I've consistently seen people whose interests and philosophy match my own. It's a self-selecting process in that you read over my detailed explanations of my approach and it either jibes with your own or you move on. It would behoove most people to do their homework before going to the trouble of coming in for an appointment, so it's the rare day that I have a complete disconnect from the get-go. Occasionally, someone will come in who has read over my site but misinterprets some part of it. Even that experience is helpful, as afterwards I'll usually tweak my site to make my message more exact. In fact, I am constantly revising my site to fit my continually evolving style. So if you haven't read through it in a while, take another look. I also exchange emails with many potential submissives. What I write in this blog adds yet another dimension to it. And the receptionists are great at steering callers in the right direction, referring to our list of preferences as well as checking with us personally when possible.

Happy V-Day if you're into the hallmark holidays. Today, I'm celebrating Friday the 13th!