Thursday, February 12, 2004

I met a very sexy, very passable TS at a nightclub recently. She's so beautiful and photogenic that she's even done modelling as a woman. She likes to go out on dates with conservative businessmen, string them along for a while, then never put out -- because she never tells them she is not a biological woman! I don't condone her deception, but I can understand where she's coming from. When they think she's the "real thing," they are falling all over themselves to be with her. If they find out the truth, it's an entirely different matter. She says she's waiting for the trans-op technology to get even better. That in the decade or so that she's been taking hormones, every year she sees others come back from Thailand with more realistic looking and pleasurable feeling vaginas. It's like we're on pussy version 8.5 now! One reason she doesn't tell her suitors is that she wants to leave open the possibility of rekindling the romance after her surgery, with them none the wiser.

I've been to vanilla dance parties where the most outrageously sexy women there are actually transsexuals. When I see these totally clueless guys start to drool, I can't help but smile. I know this is wicked, but I love that look on their face when they find out the truth. What a gender bend ;-) Though in the end, it's often the women who are most unfriendly and unaccepting of a TS. I guess it's that feeling of not being able to compete. What made a difference for me was reading TS porn star Vanity's interview in Spectator -- how she just wanted to be loved and didn't understand why women hated her when they found out she had a cock. After that, I went up to her at a party and told her I appreciated what she'd said. She is a special person, super hot and really sweet.

I was proud of a couple of my guy friends the other night for clubbing it with me and another hot lady who happens to be a TS. These are beefy, sports-watching kind of guys who a few years ago would have been ashamed to openly associate with a transsexual (though not surprisingly, they've both made their share of trips to the Power Exchange and Divas for surreptitious play). So even though they knew what was between her legs, they just didn't care what people thought. I think that's so healthy. Every little subculture has these weird rules and no-no's. Even while they exude a sense of being anti-establishment and rebellious cool, there's judgment and the need to exclude. The last time I tried to be in the the "in" crowd was 7th grade. Since then, I've been content with the real outcasts and outsiders. She and I were dancing together and got hit on by this couple who were like, "Are you two lesbians?" What a fun, twisted world we live in. I like to joke that one day they'll be able to grow my clit into a cock over in Thailand. . . then again I think I'd miss my meow!