Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Argh! Photo shoots can be so nerve-wracking. I admit I don't make the best model. I much prefer being the director rather than the one being objectified. But I also know that I've gotten very nice results in the past and I have lots of visual concepts in my head. Plus it'll be nice one day years from now to pull out some of my best pics and be able to say, "Yeah, that was me." Though I'm so glad I have many other faculties besides my looks to go on. I have friends that have had their browliner, eyeliner and lipliner permanently tattooed along with most of their body hair permanently lasered off. They say they want to look good all the time, whether they're shopping for groceries or working out at the gym. For me, sometimes I like to dress down in some loose-fitting plain outfit, glasses, hair pulled back and no make-up and just be invisible. The visual is so powerful in our society. Eye candy is truly an opiate for the masses. Yet like a drug, alone it carries no real substance beyond the fleeting high. It's in concert with something working at a higher level that it's power is properly utilized.