Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Since the house was so busy last night, I ended up having to do my last session in the upstairs sitting room. It's our smallest room. I was quite pleased with being able to negotiate a scene in a space not much bigger than a walk-in closet! I brought in a lot of my own toys and tools, and it ended up working out very well. It has a cute little purple sofa and lots of mirrors, with one wall of shaded windows that brings in some light during the day. Its coziness and decor can work for the right scene (eg shorter sessions with office, medical or other roleplays that work best outside of a dungeon setting). I could have done the scene in the boudoir, but that is my least favorite room. It has a bed in it with white sheer curtains around it. It is equipped with cross-dressing accoutrements, so it can be good for that type of play. But in general, I find it too vanilla. And it can be hard to convey the essence of BDSM to a novice in such a setting. Though regardless of where I have to play, I know that I can make it work out. Confidence in one's ingenuity is part of what being a domme is all about.