Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The longer I do this, the more I feel that my primary identification as a professional domina is as an artist first and foremost. This is definitely a business as well, yet I do not see what I do so much in terms of work. It is a fine line, as successful artists are also successful business people. Yet I think the essential distinction is that one does not compromise one's vision for the bottom line. That one continues to take risks for the sake of one's artistry. And that connections with people remain more about conveying something deep and meaningful, rather than simply being a means to an end.

There is so much out there for the seeker of a true Mistress to evaluate and investigate. A flurry of alluring images and words to draw you in, manipulate your desires and make you want more. Certainly, this is part of what being a domina is all about -- to excel at enticing. And as some of you know, real-life encounters may or may not match the marketed message.

I suppose part of my reasoning for having a blog is to demonstrate in oh-so-many words that I am the "real thing." I permit brief glimpses inside my head to satisfy my own desire to be heard, but also to reinforce the truth of who I am. The statements on my site reflect a personal philosophy grounded in my own unique perspective. It is honest, unadulterated self-expression. I have been fortunate that so many find synchronicity with my brand of perversion. Perhaps it is that very lack of affectation that is so appealing. Where I am now is a natural progression, really a culmination of all that I have experienced and learned.