Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Another wild and wonderfully outrageous Folsom Street Fair took place a couple of weekends ago. It's definitely an "only in San Francisco" type event. An eye-opening spectacle of sexual diversity, in an atmosphere of celebration and tolerance. Over the years, it has transformed from a mostly gay leather event to a mixed, pansexual crowd that is part SM folk and part Burning Man/Carnival partygoers(But don't fret, leather daddies and their slaveboys still have the Up Your Alley street fair in Dore Alley every year.)

I especially got a kick out of the dildo ring toss, which was a real crowd pleaser. I spent the whole time walking from one end of the fair to the other -- there was so much to see and so many kinky friends to run into. JD of the Knotty Boys doing a rope suspension demonstration. The Mister/Madam S crew manning their booth. My favorite cross-dressers hanging out at Cat's Alley Bar & Grill. And of course, my fellow Gates ladies made a big splash dressed up as sassy showgirls. Sadly, I missed meeting up with them, what with all the commotion at this jam-packed fair.

I was so content simply making my way through the throng of people this year that I didn't take a single picture. Ah well. Sometimes it makes sense to just enjoy the experience directly rather than stepping out into documentary mode.

Me at Folsom Street Fair