Friday, September 10, 2004

One of the challenges I enjoy during a scene is to bring out the energy connection between myself and a sub who, for whatever reason, is not immediately emotionally accessible. I actually have a few loyal slaves who I have rehabilitated from previous negative experiences with pro dommes. These traumatic encounters can often cause the sub to turn more inward as an act of self-protection. By creating an atmosphere of trust, affection, and really listening to them, I give my slaves permission to open up to new levels. I have one slave who had seen 15 to 20 pro dommes before he sought me out. Before we met, he had never had a truly satisfying fulfillment of his fantasies, always feeling too weird or somehow not quite right. I sensed this during our first session almost two years ago, and used all my powers to let him know his kinks were safe with me. Another long-term slave of mine had actually been robbed by a so-called domme he was serving. To endure such a violation and still pursue one's explorations is courageous. And I would say he is quite fortunate now, as he has continued to learn and grow in his perversions with me as his guide.

One of my slaves did admit to me recently that he initially hesitated to see me because I don't show my face in my photos, and he had a bad experience with another pro domme who did the same. For the record, the only reason I do not reveal my face in pictures is because I am a fairly private person. And isn't it nice to know that I am discrete? Say we sessioned together, then you ran into me on the street and initiated a conversation with me (as I would not for discretion's sake). It's not like someone passing by would say "Look at that man talking to that dominatrix!" Of course, if you did see me out and about it's best not to yell out "Xia!" or "Mistress!" A "hello there" would do just fine ;-)