Thursday, October 16, 2003

I recently did a deeply philosophical and surreal roleplay focusing on the unreal versus the real. My sub wrote this piece spontaneously after our scene together.


Under Wednesday evening's full moon, I had a dream. At first all was dark,
or at least without light. I sat in a void, aware only of my own breath.
Then, a voice; little more than a whisper, entering the space and wrapping
around me. The fingers of the wind traced lightly over me.

When at last I could see, there was a dark creature beside me. It had the
external form of a beautiful woman, but was more than a woman. It flowed
silently around me, through me. First I could not move. Then I did not
want to move.

The chair vanished, I don't remember how or when or why. I lay on my back
as the hot winds of the desert and the arctic cold washed over my naked
body. I stretched, writhed like some primordial creature, between pain
and not-pain. Vision came and went and came again. My breath came fast
and hard. The other continued to move fluidly, silently, a dark blur
within a space distinct from all other existence. Now the other became
both woman and man, interior and exterior, passive and aggressive, light
and dark, all things at once, and nothing. I melted into it, and it
melted into me. My mind touched its mind for a brief moment, and we
became one entity, twisting through the endless void of eternity, in non
space and non time, forever and in the moment.

Finally the walls of the room once again became apparent. As I came back
to what we call reality, she stood before me, nearly naked, once again in
the form of a beautiful woman. Our smiles expanded, became ripples on a
pond, then waves on an ocean.

Then I stood on the sidewalk, looking up at the full moon, through gnarled
tree branches in silhouette. Once again, I smiled.