Tuesday, October 7, 2003

I enjoyed a wonderful massage earlier today. I have heard my masseur described desparagingly by another masseuse as being "unmerciful", but I find his deep tissue technique with its relentless breaking of muscle knots to be just what I need. I guess you could almost call it SM massage :-) It certainly releases the endorphins. Mind you, I wouldn't ask this of a sub in session, as I leave such an intense workdown to the expert!

I realized today that one thing I really like about topping with strap-on play is the visual aspect of being able to see the movement of my "cock" going in and out of my slave's ass (nicely shaven is best). It typically is the penetrator that gets to see the action, while the receptive partner is a bit obscured from what's actually going on, which I've always found a bit frustrating (in my personal life, I used to have a laughably good time holding up a vanity mirror to try to get a peek at what was going on down there!). Perhaps it's all those years of watching porn where the camera is the point of view of the fucker rather than the fuckee (is that a word? ;-) So when I strap it on and train my well-groomed sluts, I truly get a rush from this facet of the female-male role reversal.