Wednesday, October 8, 2003

I posted the following on Max Fisch in response to the query: "Do you think at all about the possible political aspects of BDSM, especially of professional domination?"

Personal as Political & Beyond

As the old feminist line goes, the personal is political -- so of course, on some level there are politics to professional BDSM. Being a prodomme in practice is really about enjoying myself and helping others to explore new realms. Yet in theory it very much is a political decision for me to do this kind of work. I feel so fortunate to live in a time and place where a woman can be accepted as multi-faceted - powerful, beautiful, erotic, twisted, bold, intelligent. . . the list goes on. I see my craft as a dedication to all the great women in the world who have dared to walk outside convention, bearing pride instead of shame, to overcome the odds and tell the tale of their discoveries.

I know not all my clients see eye to eye with me on issues of gender, power and the like. And certainly, I'm not one to engage in uncomfortable political discussions when I'm trying to make a connection. So the great thing about doing a scene is that within any particular roleplay and activities one engages in, I have found that there is enough room for each player to interpret and find fulfillment in their own unique fantasy. Ideally, you leave your outer persona at the door and walk into the scene ready to play with a sense of true freedom from the trappings of the "real" world.