Monday, April 14, 2003

Still wrestling with my taxes -- now that's real torture!

I've been thinking about the origins of of my own kinkiness, as well as how BDSM and gender-play differ from more vanilla explorations. It's often about playing with what others take so damn seriously. Shining a light in those dark corners, yet rather than exclaiming "Evil reigns here!", we laugh and joke, tease and twist, and bask in the glory of it all. I took a workshop from the Fetish Diva Midori a few months ago that made me re-examine influential experiences in life. One that I hadn't really perceived in this way before was my membership in a local sorority in college (If you wanted to join, you were automatically accepted, so it was more of a social club for women rather than the traditional, exclusive sorority). Similar to Midori's tenure in the U.S. military, my participation in this group allowed me to indulge in my fetish for heirarchy and order, among other things. I especially enjoyed the pledge period with the requisite hazing from our older sisters as well as some of the fraternities. At the time, I loved playing the role of the submissive pledge. We were given embarrassing nicknames, had to fetch things for our superiors, recite memorized lines, and publicly humiliate ourselves in other good, fun ways. Of course, rather than demonstrate an endurance for pain, we had to show our ability to drink lots and lots of liquor! Mind you, these days all my play is safe, sane and consensual -- so much better that way :-)