Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Props to my fellow Gates domme Mistress Clarissa Young for inspiring me to start my own blog. And while I'm at it, thanks also to my slave who gave me a gift certificate to Good Vibrations. I bought some fun goodies -- they are having a sale until April 11th where they pay the sales tax so it was a good time to shop. I bought a big bottle of Slippery Stuff lube, which we use at The Gates. It's water-based without glycerin so it's not sticky and won't damage silicon toys. It was supposedly originally formulated to slip into wet suits. I love it when everyday products are put to kinky uses. Anyways, I also purchased a pair of vibrating, adjustable nipple clamps to use on my submissives, tit torture being one of my favorites :-)

I went with a friend who got into a long, involved discussion with people working there about what makes a quality dildo. Good Vibes mainly carries silicon toys. My friend doesn't like them because they are quite porous on the surface, which can be irritating and also leave yucky post-play buildup. The sales clerks said that's why a condom should always be used. But my friend doesn't want to have to use condoms for his personal toys. He also hates how all the new toys have big heads on them, says that can rip up his anus. He actually likes the cheaper dildos available at your old school, sleazy sex shop. I wonder if he is alone is his views? Are the new, hand-crafted, expensive toys better than the stuff mass made in China and sold for "novelty purposes only" or are they overrated? I told him he should get the materials to make his own toys if he really wants to be satisfied! When someone has a passion for something, and a clear vision of what they want to create, that's often when you get the best products.