Tuesday, January 16, 2007

To each Her own

I confess to being in Vegas this past weekend for the AVN awards. I've always been fascinated with the porn industry and I hadn't hung out with anyone in this biz in years. I figured now or never, and I'm glad I did. It was a blast catching up with folks I'd met in the past, getting acquainted with new faces, and just playing the fan to some of the bigger-name talent.

Several years ago, before I embarked on my pro domme career, I had gone on an all-inclusive vacation in the Tropics that featured porn stars shooting scenes morning, noon and night all over the resort. It was wild to watch and fun to party with these sexual athletes. I gained new respect for the men and women in this profession. They had to have the stamina to go for literally hours, the strength to stay in positions that surely burned their muscles, and the savviness to look carefree and hot while doing it.

At the convention festivities in Vegas, I was surprised to discover that many of the women in porn I talked to had tried their hand at professional domination. One beautiful blonde told me she had worked at The Chateau in LA for years. Another cinnamon vixen spoke enthusiastically of a scene she had done for a local SM website. Yet almost every woman I spoke to felt that BDSM was too emotionally draining for them. That was my second surprise. BDSM emotionally draining? For me, it is re-energizing. It's a vital outlet for my darker tendencies -- turning pain into beauty and feeling alive because of it. I have those heavy forces within me and they have to go somewhere. Better put towards creative, fruitful and exhilarating exchanges than anywhere else! Well, I suppose that's why they're porn stars and I'm the dominatrix. To each Her own. And I do own it :-}