Friday, January 19, 2007

What's with Vox?

I've got a last name. It's taken me 4 years and I think it's a good one.   Vox.   Rhymes with rocks, as in Xia rocks -- and I do ;-)

It's latin for voice, which seemed especially appropriate since I love the arts of conversation and writing.   Xia Vox.   3 letters each, the first and the last -- the alpha and the omega -- an X.   Mistress Xia Vox.   Nice, huh?

It seems fitting that I should add a surname now that I'm independent. People keep sending me congratulatory emails, which I find strange. I suppose it is a sort of graduation.

I will miss the easy camraderie of other women I had at The Gates. To me, that is still the ideal environment: a chamber of women hungry to control men.

I wish I could have stayed. Schedule constraints and other pursuits made me more jealous of my time. And of course, I wanted to establish a more appropriate tribute for my skills, experience and power.

And so here we are now. I anticipate it will be a fun and illuminating next chapter in my pro domme career. New challenges excite me.


A guilty pleasure I picked up at the expo in Vegas: Scotty JX's Vol. 3 DVD.

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