Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New Gates Profile

Mistress appreciates all the wonderful birthday wishes!


I recently updated my description on The Gates site to more accurately reflect my current stage of development as a domina. This summer was a time for me to step back, reflect and push forward in my evolution as a powerful, well-rounded woman of the world. I love that this craft allows me room to expand and diversify my interests, pursue new approaches and refine tried and true favorites.

My focus now is on honest connections, rather than mere fantasy roleplay. Mind you, I still believe that assuming different roles can be a liberating experience. Yet these avatars should serve to shine a light on one's own personal truth rather than enable further running away from the unpalatable or shame-ridden. We learn to embrace ourselves in all our wretched glory and celebrate the strange beauty of our existence.

Whenever I enter a new phase of my growth as a dominant I must brace myself for that groundless feeling of not knowing. Will there be submissives who are ready and willing to accept my new powers? I can never know. I can only have faith that I must move forward. And so far, I have been fortunate to find thoughtful and caring individuals who feel privileged to embark in this dance of power with me.

Here is my new Gates text:

Delve into sweet submission in my seasoned hands. Sophisticated, intuitive, alluring, my stunning Eurasian beauty and powerful presence will bring you to your knees.

Wielding absolute control over my submissives, I combine devious discipline with precious rewards in my slave training. Adept at both mind games and sensation play, I am driven to explore the intensity of sadomasochism alongside the delicious control of psychological and physical restraint. Sexuality, gender and power form the rich territory of my decadent playground.

Succumb to the feminine divine and bow down to a true goddess!

My knowledge and experience shines through in my naturally seductive, commanding style and the ease with which I engage in a diversity of approaches to hold slaves in my thrall. I excel at tapping into myriad layers of desire, claiming darkly sensual yearnings and beautifully twisted fantasies as my own.

Picture this. . . Purring a teasing taunt in my captive's ear, a throaty laugh escapes from my luscious lips as I coax my submissive to new heights of pleasure and pain. With a firm hand I grab my slave, moving in closer as my hot breath tantalizes the senses, throwing him off for what comes next. . .

My power is subtle yet unyielding as I pursue my passion for the perverse with excellence and elegance. No doubt, serving me will be a wickedly memorable experience. Surrender to the extraordinary woman that I am and discover the ecstatic joy of a bittersweet release.

Favorite Activities:

Slave Training
Rewards & Discipline
Corporal Punishment
Bondage & Restraint
Roleplays & Psychodrama
Face-slapping & Hair-pulling
Light Breath Play & Choking
Electroplay (TENS & Violet Wand)
Sensory Deprivation
Behavior Modification
Firm Control
Gender Play
Foot Worship