Monday, October 23, 2006

Coming out as a Dominatrix

It feels so good to "come out" as a domme. Not to everyone, mind you. I appreciate that my mysterious image allows me the choice of who to let in on the secret. Yet when it's right, it feels so liberating!

There are people in my life who do not know what I do for a living. I tell people when necessary. Yet in the end, those who know me best know that I am a dominatrix. It is such a big part of my life that I want to share it with those closest to me. So it was with this in mind that I revealed my vocation to a wonderful woman who I have known for years on a social basis. We met through mutual friends in the party circuit. In that environment, it can be hard to casually throw out this information. It becomes such the focus of fascination, drawing in everyone in the immediate vicinity in a way I am not always comfortable with. Yet I knew if I was ever to connect with her on a deeper level, I would need to open up to her.

So when she called me up to invite me to a dinner party, something inside me told me it was the right time to reveal myself. The timing was fateful indeed, as she and I seem to be at similar crossroads with our work, which both entail balancing creativity with business acumen. And now that she knows what I do, she has offered to contribute her talents to further refine my online presentation. So it's all worked out for the best!

Truth be told, not every "coming out" story has turned out so well for me. That's why I now proceed with forethought and discretion in these matters, allowing my intuition to lead the way. It isn't that I am ashamed of what I do. But I know not everyone is ready for my truth.