Friday, November 5, 2004

I have been deeply touched by those within my stable who have felt real change in their lives due to my positive influence. It gives me great satisfaction to be an inspiration to those who serve me. I do not consciously set out to work in this way, focusing instead on the liberation of play without guilt and the nurturing of the intricacies of one's unique perversions. Yet I have found time and time again that my approach has allowed my slaves to tap into their higher selves, motivating them to explore new avenues, accomplish goals and feel confident about who they are.

One such slave wrote me a lovely email recently which I made sure was all right to share with all of you. He has credited me with inspiring him to better himself physically through exercise and a healthier lifestyle. The results are quite remarkable and I am very proud of him.

Here it is:

just had to e-mail as soon as I could about last night.
That was a fantastic session!

Everything was great, from our nice conversation to your incomparable domination of me. Xia; just the way you move, your voice, your style and grace, the way you make me feel at ease. Mistress you give me such a high. I'm still on cloud nine! And my nipples are quaking to boot!

I hope you enjoyed our session too. You have completely changed my attitude as a submissive these last two years. In the past it was mostly about me, I was a little selfish. It was satisfy me and if you had fun along the way, that was OK. I took you ladies for granted.

No more, I don't take you for granted at all mistress. You have a gift, what you do is very special. Sure, I come to you to get my kinky fantasies fulfilled, but that's a given with you. I have never had a bad or even average session with you mistress. Every time has been excellent!

I am one lucky dude to have a mistress like you and it really makes me feel good when I can as bring a smile to my mistress' face or get a little laugh out of her. I want to be the best slave I can be; because you are the finest dominatrix I have ever had.