Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Allow me to express a peeve of mine. Like everyone, I appreciate the occasional compliment on my looks, intellect and the like. Yet systematic evaluation of my various physical and mental attributes -- to my face, no less -- is quite inappropriate. Though one may interpret my role as professional domina to involve a certain level of self-commoditization, I do not consider it the place of those who serve me to verbally objectify me by continually expressing their assessment/approval of my appearance, style or mannerisms. Even when what is coming out of one's mouth initially seems completely positive, one should still take care to use good timing and word choice. Such behaviour can come off as a bit condescending. And really, it is presumptuous for a submissive to directly judge his Mistress in this way. It seems that some forget their manners when money exchanges hands. In contrast, consider how one acts on a romantic date with a woman, where typically there is greater discretion employed in the statements one makes. Do not make the mistake of believing that I will not be so discerning.