Friday, December 8, 2006

Revamping My Website

You may have noticed that the usual pages to are missing. Since I launched it in '03, it has gone through several incarnations and lots of ongoing tweaks. This time I decided to take the whole thing down while I revamp it. I am basically overhauling the entire site to more accurately reflect where I am as a dominatrix.

I am privileged to have such a wonderful stable of submissives who serve me regularly. They have spoiled me with their kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness. And as I have become more seasoned and sophisticated as a Mistress, it only makes sense that I have in turn grown more selective and demanding of new applicants. I am crafting my site to reflect this new reality.

I took the old site down in the meantime in part because I wanted to stem the tide of inquiries of a disrespectful nature. The kind which use crass language and explicit sexual descriptions, implying a baseless familiarity along with undisciplined and unnegotiated luridness. It is unfortunate that some feel there are no boundaries involved in this play. Or that simply because I am a professional involved in an erotic exchange, I should be delighted to read graphic scenarios from perfect strangers.

In an ideal world, a Mistress could present beautiful images which reflect her many facets: sensual, strong, demanding, giving. Yet I have come to realize that certain images and phrases attract the wrong kind of attention, leading to a false sense of intimacy. And so these considerations also play a part in the re-working of my site.

Re-thinking my online presentation is an exciting challenge. Stay tuned. I'll have the site up again in a few weeks. But I am taking my sweet time. For it's the process itself which I savor -- a journey of exploring, learning and discovering myself as Mistress.