Saturday, June 10, 2006

Four Years

This past Monday marked my four-year anniversary as a professional dominant. Since I have been with The Gates from the very beginning, Monday also marks my four-year anniversary at the Bay Area's premiere House of Domination.

I am still having the time of my life! I love being a pro domme. And I love the women of The Gates. I consider it a rare privilege to be a part of this community of strong-willed women so diverse in lifestyle and background, yet who are all sexually open-minded and agreeable :-)

It really is quite special to work with so many unique and independent spirits. We have different ideas about what this is all about. Different fetishes turn us on or off. Yet we share a space of non-judgment and camraderie with one another. I am grounded at The Gates and I know that feeling of centeredness is transferred into my power play.

I feel so fortunate to be able to support myself doing this work. It's been so much fun that one of the bigger challenges has been not turning into a workaholic! ;-) And with that, I bid you adieu*