Saturday, June 24, 2006

Alert readers may have noticed that I changed my page previously entitled “Submissive Profile” to “Slave Profile.” After some consideration, I came to the conclusion that the latter is a more apt description for the majority of those who see me.

It can be difficult, especially in the beginning, for some men to admit to having a submissive side. Understandable when one considers the many restrictions put upon the traditional male role. Restrictions in what they can wear, how they talk, even how and what they eat -- and still confidently call themselves masculine.

In my experience, the male ego is often deeply entangled in conventions of male dominance. So in a way, the word “slave” is more all-encompassing in that it can include willing submissives as well as those who have mixed feelings and even resistance to the role.

The idea of enslavement -- being forced against one’s will to submit to deviant acts – can be a means of liberating oneself from any lingering guilt or shame, those shadows of our repressed past.

Slave play is not the most politically correct fantasy, which is one reason why I originally changed the page on my site to “Submissive Profile.” Yet in the end, I believe that the taboo nature of this roleplay is exactly what makes it so arousing.

I actually reverted back to “Slave Profile” some time ago. I hesitated to write about it in my blog because I didn’t want to come off as being indecisive, waffling back and forth. Yet changing one’s mind is a natural part of one’s evolution in thinking and perception. It’s strange and a little sad how in this world that can be construed so negatively.

I consider what I do in a play scene to be an art form -- part performance art, part psycho-intuitive channeling. As an artist, I take my domination seriously. I do not just run through a list of activities which have been requested. I look at the scene as a composition bringing together various fetishes with compelling music, costumes, scenery and at least two willing mind-bodies ready to exchange energy.

My passion for this work sometimes flares. My artistic temperament can bring forth an outburst of emotion. I feel strongly about what I consider my proper role as a domina, and the strength of my conviction can be quite firm.

In an initial session with me, I can be fairly stern in my corrections of behaviour I deem inappropriate. Please do not be dismayed or overly apologetic if this happens. I would simply be remiss if I didn’t take the training aspect of slave training seriously.

Rarely do I find a slave who is not in need of some behaviour modification! Each domina is a unique person with her very own preferences and I wouldn't expect a virtual stranger to know what mine are.

You don’t have to be perfect, just willing to learn and grow as a slave while enjoying the journey with me. It can be a wild and intensely gratifying trip when you truly surrender.