Thursday, March 30, 2006

I remember when I first started as a pro domme, if I took a vacation it would be such a trip to get into doing sessions again. Jumping into the "real" world after a streak of playing hard, then showing up at the dungeon with my mind still miles away, there would be serious cognitive dissonance going on in both directions.

People say that after a break, the familiar can feel fresh and exciting. Over and above that, my first day back I would be positively shocked as I engaged in the outrageous exploits which occupy my day-to-day existence at The Gates.

For years, I had only imagined of such incredibly wild and kinky fun happening behind closed doors. And here I was living the life of a dominatrix. Why watch movies when you can play out your own hot story?

After almost four years of having the time of my life, returning feels awesome in a different way. I realize now that I am completely taken. It's in my bones; it's a part of me. I miss it when I am gone and cherish it that much more when I am back -- the twisted eroticism, the camraderie with my fellow players, the delicious submission of my slaves. It really is like coming home.

Ah, the sweet smell of it all...