Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I am easing back into things since returning from my vacation abroad, enjoying being served as a Mistress once again. Travelling is lovely. Thankfully, my life at home is pretty groovy ;-) And now people are telling me that I seem chilled out from my three weeks off. It'd be nice to be able to keep this leisurely feeling. My time in Thailand was particularly impactful. I've been dreaming of spicy green curry, hotel mini bars full of Singha and iced coffee, the streets teeming with crazy sexy bar girls.

And I have a headful of ideas percolating about the ladyboys of Siam. Once I have it all sorted out I'll post my thoughts -- at first, I was mentally taking notes, composing an essay in my head, but it seemed like the more I witnessed, the less clear it all became! A whirlwind of sensory input to ponder.

Mind you, I would never want to winnow down all that I actually experienced just to make a good story. For the sake of my readers though, I will have to make rhyme and reason of it. Yet those days in Thailand exist in my memory not so much in a linear fashion, but more as a series of impressions.

I read an excellent thriller on the plane back that was like a hallucinatory version of my trip. It's called Bangkok 8 by John Burdett. Bangkok reminded me of a futuristic dystopia a la Blade Runner. Perpetually non-moving traffic jams full of cars, motorbikes and even elephants; pirated music, software and clothes crowding up the sidewalks alongside roasted beetles and barbecued meat sticks. I could go on... OK, definitely to be continued. Gotta run!