Friday, December 23, 2005

I have received gratifying responses to my latest galleries. Some of you may recognize that a few of the photos are in fact not new, but were up on the site in the past. Why the turn-around? Ah well... My personal journey as a pro domme continues to engross with its many twists and turns. And this is an apt illustration of my development as I discover first-hand where each step takes me.

You see, one of the common beliefs amongst those in my field goes something like this: "In the beginning it is OK to have photos taken in softer, more revealing clothes. You are just getting started and you want to attract people in whatever way you can, so that you can gain experience. But as you become more seasoned, having built up a stable of slaves and amassed a collection of latex, leather and corsetry, your images should then evolve into ones of you in high fetish. And you should then be more covered up. Because showing a lot of skin may make you look vanilla or submissive and no one will take you seriously."

Earlier this year, when I had only my David Perry photos up -- the ones of me looking uber-domme and fetish fierce in my lovely Stormy Leather corsets and Lip Service pvc dresses -- I noticed that a more narrow range of submissives came to serve me. Though they were wonderful, respectful and sincere seekers, I began to miss having a broader spectrum of players within my stable. And so I decided to put up some of my sexier dungeon images in the Clad in Black gallery as well as add some sassy, funky pics into the Straponista gallery.

I have come to realize that what a domme wears is only one element. The clothes do not make a woman dominant. They certainly add a nice touch. But true power comes from within. I can have fun with many different looks. But there is no uniform to the femme domme essence. I do not believe in restraining myself to a limited aesthetic. I know I can dominate in anything I choose to wear -- or not wear, for that matter.

And so I come full circle. "I told you so," Sage said, when I discussed sprinkling in a few of my more revealing photos into The Gates profile. "But I had to experience it first-hand. I had to know," I said.

I experienced what some would say is the pinnacle of pro domination: a slick but not overtly sexual presentation on my website, adoring and generous slaves, and miminal eroticism in the form of strap-on play, worship or even release for the sub in session. Of course, I continue to appreciate generous spirits. And I am quite pleased with how I have honed my online presence -- now with my hot new galleries, it is even more complete. So I would never want to feel pressured to be more sensual than is my inclination. Yet at the end of the day, I know that I deeply enjoy the eroticism of slut training, the power of the unbearable tease, and the twisted fun of having a male slave clean up his pearly mess! Ha ha ha :-} Yes those are good things. Naughty and Nice...


I was lucky enough to catch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on TV the other week. My, what a tasty treat that was! I was psyched to see it back, as they had to cancel last year's due to all the fuss over Janet Jackson's breast in the Super Bowl. Did you know that the most common gift I receive from my slaves are Victoria's Secret gift cards? I still have one in my wallet ready to spend when the mood strikes me. I actually took down the link on my wishlist at one point because I was getting so many! It's not high fetish, I know. Nevertheless, the Mistress very much appreciates these lovely tokens. This pic from my Clad in Black gallery features one of their sweet little slip dresses.

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