Friday, September 9, 2005

Whew! A moment to breathe and write a bit...

Just finished updating my Gates profile. For a microsecond I had my new pictures displayed at the top of my profile, leaving the earlier ones at the bottom. While I found the contrast between old and new to be an interesting representation of my development as a domme, in the end I decided to wipe the slate clean and start completely fresh. Anyways, it's best you see the tail-end of my evolution as that's where I want to play at the moment ;-)

One change some of you may have noticed with my personal site is the re-naming of my "slave profile" page to "submissive profile." I feel that the latter term is more all-encompassing. I am also sensitive to the fact that some do not like the word "slave" and all that is associated with it. I personally find the fantasy of sexual enslavement to be thrilling in its erotic complexity. Yet I am aware that some people have issues with the idea of anyone being a piece of property. I believe that there is a time and place for dominance/submission and the acting out of unequal power dynamics. And there is a time to forget roleplays and simply be egalitarian. As I have written on my site, I see individuals as humans first and foremost whatever one's self-identification. So while I do not ascribe to the philosophy of true ownership of one person by another, I very much enjoy playing with the concept of slavery and regard my being addressed as "Mistress" by those who serve me as an appropriate sign of respect.

Enslavement is intriguing not only as the concept of a contract between individuals but also in the idea of being "chained to one's passion" (actually a paraphrase of Madonna when asked to justify the image of her in collar and chains in the video Express Yourself).

I find the greatest source of control is via manipulation of a submissive's most deeply held desires. Surrendering all inhibitions to one's innermost cravings. And in this vein, I delight in my role as the tempter -- guiding and urging one on to... frenzied feeding, twisted bliss, the indescribable. I am reminded of a pivotal experience at Burning Man back in '96 during Pepe Ozan's first desert opera: painted naked bodies writhing in primal motion against the flames and chanting "Fire Tonight. Devil's Delight" over and over again. It was pure magic!