Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I had the pleasure of indulging in a new fetish the other day. Oh yes, it was so much fun! You see, a few weeks ago I was inspired to pay a visit to a smoke shop and purchase tobacco-free cigarettes so that I could do a smoking scene.

And so I was delighted when a submissive humbly requested his desire to be my human ashtray. We did a great roleplay where I was a conniving student blackmailing my perverted teacher. Yup, I was the bad girl, the kind who gets caught cutting class to smoke cigarettes in the bathroom. But boy did I get my revenge in detention ;-)

Whatever the scenario, I love the attitude one can embody when holding a lit cigarette between the fingers -- a haughtiness that can veer from breathy sophistication to swaggering brutality. Strutting around this helplessly enslaved man, blowing smoke in his face then grabbing his chin and tapping my ashes into his gaping mouth. The smoke swirling heavily around the darkened room, slowly exhaled from my softly pursed lips. Ah, what a wicked thrill.

Now I can almost hear some of my loyal slaves expressing concern for their Mistress' health. No worries my dear ones. I will not be turning into a chimney any time soon. I smoked on and off from my teenage years to my early 20s, mostly socially in the States and a little more when travelling. As they say, when in Rome... Anyways, I stopped altogether a few years ago at the behest of my lover who detested the habit.

Lucky for me, I have never felt any nicotine cravings. I simply liked the physical sensation and tactile experience of smoking. Now it's been so long since I've had tobacco in my system that if I try to smoke a real cigarette, I feel sick to my stomach.

So there you have it. Human ashtrays may apply for service immediately, to be used whenever the mood strikes me. Just don't expect any tobacco in that smoke!