Wednesday, June 1, 2005

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Boxers vs. Briefs?     I like 'em both . . .

I do love it when Rocco comes out to play! That's what I spontaneously called myself during one highly memorable scene where I cross-dressed in trousers and gave one of my sweet sissy slaves a serious course in slut training. A playful homage to that Italian stallion of porn, Rocco Siffredi ;-) Ever since that time, Rocco has made a number of sizzling appearances as my masculine alter ego.

There is something so exhilarating in transcending traditional gender roles, casting away the rigidity that is supposedly imposed by biology. The freedom of seeing masculine and feminine as two sides of a shared dynamic, where power is not permanently fixed to one or the other. A coin toss for dominance. Mistress Xia or Master Rocco.

There is someone I know -- an amazingly talented and beautiful artist and fellow perv who also happens to be transgendered -- who has offered to teach me a few techniques with body language and facial expression as well as make-up tricks and the use of things like shoulder pads to really bring the masculine illusion together. We've talked about going out on the town together with me dressed in drag and her on my arm. Just thinking about it gets me fired up!