Saturday, April 30, 2005

My last entry seems to have struck a chord with some of you. Shortly after posting my thoughts on chastity training, I received a number of inquiries from those curious about this special form of submission.

Such a positive response heartened me, as I initially had some reservations in writing about chastity. Would readers take it to mean that I am a prude? Yet in the end, I brushed these concerns aside because I wanted to convey the powerful and seductive effect this training had on me as the Mistress -- indeed, that energy exchange goes both ways.

Every time I venture into unexplored territory, my loyal slaves keep up with me. And with each step forward, I find other worthy slaves presenting themselves to me. Oh yes, I feel blessed by the abundance.

I had a wonderful double session the other week with the lovely Mistress Zara. Our combined experience and genuinely dominant presence made for a delightful time, at once luxuriously relaxed in our power and excited at the opportunity to toy with a slave together. Mistress Zara shares my interest in chastity training. I do feel fortunate to be able to discuss the finer points of femme supremacy with a seasoned cohort of The Gates.


A few words of appreciation to two slaves (you know who you are) whose generosity have inspired a love of leather in me. It took me a while to use that first gift certificate to Stormy Leather, as I had always thought leather to be more fitting for bikers or cowboys. Yet I have grown to really enjoy the earthy smell of new leather -- whether it's a tightly-laced custom corset on me or an even tighter laced arm restraint on my slave. Leather makes a sexy, supple second skin. It can be manipulated into many textures and colors. And it breathes a lot more than latex, that's for sure! I now own a beautiful dark purple leather victorian corset, am awaiting delivery of a metallic red and black leather military corset (seen here on the cover of DDI) with skirt and gloves, and will be getted fitted shortly for a gun-metal gray and black leather corset (on the cover of Skin Two). I'm planning a photo shoot this summer to highlight my new pieces.


OK you might by tired of hearing me go on about how I dig hot tranny porn. Too bad ;-) Brazil is coming out with some great stuff. Like Teenage Transexual Nurses: hot shemales in cute, little nurse uniforms dominating hard-bodied young men. Tying them up, slapping them around, giving them enemas and dildoing their asses! Also caught some excellent group scenes with T-girls, men and women with strap-ons all playing together. What I really grooved on was the almost gender-neutral vibe. How everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves -- and taking turns topping -- without all the silly homophobic constraints on behaviour. It's as if the presence of a transgendered liberates everyone from the bonds of conventional gender & power roles. Perhaps we are finally figuring out that we do not have to be slaves to our biology. As a pro domme and a true believer in what I do, I suppose it makes sense that I have found TS porn to be the most in line with my sexuality. Vanilla porn almost always has this femme sub undercurrent, which is one way of having fun but certainly not the only way!