Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Essential to my enjoyment is absolute control. And what better way to control than through chastity training? I have had the pleasure of expanding my experience in this area over the past few weeks. The level of satisfaction I felt in the act of muzzling my slaves was unexpected even to myself. While certainly not appropriate for everyone, it can be a highly stimulating means of conveying power.

Occasionally in the past, a new slave has presented himself to me already locked in a CB2000 or other chastity device. At the time, seeing their precious parts all locked up as they knelt at my feet did nothing for me. Now my previous reaction makes real sense to me. For if I did not order the muzzling, where is the excitement for me?

You see, what excites me about chastity training is the act of so directly restraining the slave's urges. The physical presence of the locking cage increases a slave's awareness of my control. It heightens lust by bringing attention to the groin area, yet continually teases the slave with zero access to relief on his own. And the fact that the slave must sit down to urinate heightens his vulnerability and my sense of control over his masculinity.

Such training may deepen the the Mistress-slave connection, allowing a peak into the type of bond formed when the servitude goes beyond the few hours spent in session. I have found it to be especially effective for my out-of-town slaves who ask to serve me on several occasions during their brief visits. A series of sessions over a week or two with chastity integrated into the training can be very intense! And I believe it adds a whole new dimension to one's entire trip. Attending a business meeting while secretly wearing a cock cage can certainly spice up one's day :-)

Below is an excerpt of an email sent to me by a sweet slave during his period of chastity.


i fell asleep peacefully last night having pleasant thoughts about YOU. As i lay there with the cage in place, i began thinking of how much i respect YOU. It is much more than the respect of a MISTRESS-slave relationship. i absolutely respect YOU as a SUPERIOR FEMALE and have the highest regard for YOUR skills as a MISTRESS. i crave to cower before YOU and worship YOU as the MISTRESS that YOU are. On another level, i deeply respect YOU as a person.

i appreciate YOUR openness and expression of care for me and others that you dominate. i respect and admire YOUR desire for learning and YOUR converting that into action. i admire YOUR openness to new experience and YOUR knowledge that YOU grow through such new experiences. i admire and respect YOUR own self-awareness, so eloquently expressed in YOUR BLOG and in person. i admire YOUR admission that YOU are learning more about YOURSELF and changing YOUR expectations as a result of this knowledge. i admire YOUR lack of fear of change. i admire and respect YOUR independence of thought, action, and course. YOU are a strong WOMAN who deserves the upmost respect and admiration. i could go on and on. All of this contributes to a SUPERIOR WOMAN who deserves complete adoration.