Tuesday, December 2, 2003

OK now that I'm settled down a bit, I'd first like to state that Mistress Pandora is one of the coolest people - let alone dommes - that I've ever met. It was a pleasure and a privilege to play and hang out at Wicked Garden. I think I'm even missing her little dogs. Thanks to Pandora & company for the warm hospitality and for gifting me with the "Love Spirals Down" CD - perfect scene music.


A couple of things of note for sessions at The Gates. First-time clients are double-booked. This is because it's so common to have no-shows. This is not so much the case for me, so instead sometimes you may find that you've been bumped. To avoid disappointment, contact me directly so I can help coordinate things. Also, if you have never sessioned with me before, I much prefer our initial meeting to be a one-on-one experience rather than a double session. That way, you can have my undivided attention as we get acquainted with one another.