Saturday, November 22, 2003

This time I'm flying down to LA and thankfully I'll be playing in a well-stocked dungeon as I'm afraid to bring certain items for fear that they'll take them away from me at airport security! Looking at the list of permitted and prohibited items, it seems my best bet is to check in my tools and toys. But they don't let you lock your luggage anymore and I know at least one kinky friend who had some of their best stuff mysteriously disappear from their baggage.


As a prodomme, I am privy to some gripping tales of shameless, twisted perversion. I admit to a prurient interest in the confessions of those who submit to me. I mean, how could I not get titillated by over-the-top encounters of domination and seduction -- when the everyday turns into the bizarre, when the tiniest speck of a thought turns into action? The cluelessness of innocence turned into unruly passion, then sordid desire. The evolution of the erotic in oneself. It's intriguing to hear how each of us comes into our kink, what seminal moments etched these proclivities into our psyche. Real-life can be so much more interesting than anything they could put out in a movie. It's uncensored, unself-conscious and beholden to no one.