Sunday, November 9, 2003

A friend pointed me out to an article by Naomi Wolf entitled The Porn Myth, in which the academician and author of "The Beauty Myth" decries the rise of easily accessible internet porn, stating that it has made men find real women unacceptably imperfect. The article focuses on how porn-watching has become all the rage for young college men, with their female counterparts feeling like they can't compete. Oh my. You see, I get so tired of so-called feminism that really is just another form of puritanicalism, protection of women's "fragility", perpetuation of female victimization. It doesn't work for me -- I see it as just as much a double standard as male chauvinism.

Wolf, who is 40, claims that her's is the last generation of women to be truly confident in their beauty and bodies because they have not had to live up to the standards of pornography. But before porn, there was Hollywood and there have always been impossibly beautiful images which the masses have tried to live up to. She mentions that women her age in the gym have natural pubic hairs, while the younger women are all shaved and trimmed like in porn. Professor Wolf, what are you doing staring at all those ladies' bushes?!? Purely for research purposes, I am sure ;-) But seriously, maybe she doesn't realize that this trend is exactly the same for men: older go natural, younger shave and trim. The porn standard goes both ways. So for every women who feels she must "degrade" herself by submitting to anal sex because she sees it in the movies, there is a man who feels pressure to be as gonzo as his favorite director. I am sure there are young women on college campuses who are porn fans too, and expecting greater feats of prowess from their lovers. And maybe there are even a few out there who get a little more twisted, finding that the real fun can come from turning the tables and slut training their men. Mmmmm....... The future of sex -- where will it take you?