Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hello to all who enjoy reading my blog~

One of the great liberating aspects of writing this blog has been my ability to unabashedly share my thoughts.  This has been contingent upon a certain degree of anonymity and the freedom to write without too much thought about the repercussions of what I say.  Yet the longer I have posted to my Chronicles, the harder it has become - in the sense that I am no longer really anonymous, my identity as Mistress Xia pretty firmly established within certain communities.  And I can no longer deny that I have held back posts on numerous occasions for fear of offending people I care about, or providing too much information to potential supplicants.  Laying my soul bare to strangers is one thing, but doing so and then creating the opportunity to meet with me in an intimate situation is perhaps too much for me these days. 

With these considerations in mind, I have started to post on a new blog which is not restricted to my life as a dominatrix.  I will not be publicizing this blog because that would defeat its purpose.  I will still try to post here occasionally.  Though I regret that I will not be sharing as much in this space, I hope it reassures some of my followers to know that I am still writing, somewhere out there. . .

M. Xia