Monday, July 30, 2007

Double Trouble

I must admit, since leaving The Gates I have missed the feminine camraderie of a group dynamic. So though in the past I was hesitant to bring in new energy into a scene, lately I have discovered the joys of adding other ladies into the mix. And two of my favorite femme fatales have popped up and are available for doubles.

Sweet and sexy Mistress Isa is retiring from professional domination and having one last hurrah before she goes. Scroll down my blog and you will see a nice picture of Isa and me with a strap-on. She is available for doubles with me from August 1st - 10th.

Former circus performer and French vixen Mistress Sophie is visiting from Paris for at least the next month. She is available for doubles with me starting on the 5th of August.

I also recently trained a lovely petite Filipina domina named Hana, who is now at The Gates. Hana took the initiative of contacting me to ask if she could apprentice under me.

I discussed the possibility of taking on a trainee with other indie pro dommes and got mixed to negative reviews on the process. I was told it was a lot of work and that they could be flaky.

But Hana completely charmed me and I decided to take a chance with her. I am glad I did! I realized how much I love teaching for its own sake, and Hana was wonderful inside and outside of scene.

So, I am now entertaining applicants for apprenticeship under me. The following qualities are essential: being personable, presentable, timely, ethical and enthusiastic.