Sunday, February 4, 2007

Power Exchange Better Than Power Drain

I enjoy being served and like to keep active through out the week, squeezing sessions whenever I can into my busy schedule. At times, a submissive will express sympathy for me, telling me that it must be draining to play so much. I've heard this kind of comment more than a few times, yet it still surprises me because it's so different from how I feel.

I look at every scene I step into as an exciting new experience: perhaps a great escape, an opportunity to learn more about what it means to be human, to enforce discipline and modify behaviour, coax and control hesitant desires, or connect on extraordinary levels of sensation and awareness. My submissives are like different instruments, each one of them carrying their own unique sound which I meld into a song of twisted eroticism. And as as greater trust, understanding and good feelings are established over time, each scene represents its place in a natural, intuitive progression.

What I love about being a professional dominatrix is it doesn't feel like work. I mean, if running scenes bled me dry then how could I possibly have done this gig for the past 4 years -- and still look good and feel happy? ;-) Seriously, I'm not interested in being a victim of my circumstances. I do what I enjoy. Certainly, I enjoy challenges. But only those which help me to evolve productively. If a pleasurable activity took away from me more than it gave me, the first thing I would do is try to figure out what was wrong with the process that caused me to feel drained and then make changes accordingly. If no amount of changes worked, you can bet I'd be out of there.

Any action can be draining if it doesn't suit the person doing it. Or if there is a sense of helplessness or loss of control to the situation. That's the great thing about being a dominatrix. There's no being coy here -- I am unapologetic about my need for complete and utter control. When I've witnessed other dommes complain about how a scene went, it often comes down to a need to enforce more rules and maintain sound boundaries [Of course, first and foremost one must know oneself and be true to oneself!]. When those are in place, an authentic energy exchange can take place.

So that's how I see what I do. As an exchange, not a drain. Believe me, I'm no martyr! Though I think that is a fantasy of some, particularly those interested in Asian Mistresses. It's that Madama Butterfly fetish: a fallen yet noble geisha who remains passive to the tragedy of her sordid life. Now really, is that what you think of me? The silliest stories can make a cock hard.