Sunday, September 10, 2006

I've been venting in recent posts. Perhaps I am alarming some of you? No, I am not turning into a man-hating domme. But I think it's important to express oneself honestly. If darker emotions surface, one should not flinch. Rather, one should embrace and explore the meaning behind it, thereby growing larger in one's perspective. And besides, it is my truth and it is real.

What's interesting is how after I write a blog which is critical in one way or another about men, I find that some of my more thoughtful and sensitive slaves will write to me to commiserate. It's ironic because these are the men who already get it on some level. So no need to apologize for all the rest!

And no, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be submissive sometimes. It can be just fun. For a woman, this is too often the assumed state of being. So I rebel against that. But for a man, it is a very brave thing indeed to step into one's submissiveness.