Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Schedule Update for Mondays & Friday: Now 3-10pm

Slight change in time that I will be at The Gates this Friday and the next two Mondays. I will now be at The Gates 3pm to 11pm Friday the 14th as well as Mondays the 17th and 24th.

Note that whatever time is listed for the last session -- whether I am listed as there 3-10pm, 10am-5pm or 11am-7pm -- the latter number bracketing my availability is the latest start time for a one-hour session. So on a day where I am available from 3pm to 10pm, last session would be from 10 to 11pm. I've noticed quite a few pre-books lately ending right before that last hour, so if you are trying to get the latest appointment possible do keep this in mind!


Everyone seems to be bewailing the waterlogged weather, yet the longer it stays wet the more I am enjoying it. I procured a stormproof jacket and pants which has made walking in rain a lot of fun. Even in a downpour it's not so bad. Rain can feel very sensual and enlivening, as long as you don't get too soggy! Being from LA, I find just about any change of season exciting ;-)