Sunday, August 29, 2004

There are so many reasons to love San Francisco. The diversity of lifestyles, the activism, the creativity, the architectural aesthetics, the cosmopolitan feel of these 7 by 7 square miles. Though one thing I do miss about Southern California is the sight of bare skin on a sunny day. Thankfully I live in a part of the city that gets great weather. But I miss seeing the nicely tanned, bare legs of girls in cute summer outfits strolling down the sidewalk. The other day I was in the Castro. I dig this neighborhood because I can wear less without anyone caring. Yet even here there can be judgment. I was enjoying people-watching one day when a couple walked by on the street. The young woman was dressed rather daringly in little short shorts that revealed the beginning curve of her buttocks. After they passed, I noticed several other onlookers making faces of disapproval and laughing -- one guy with tattoos all over his arms and stretched out ear holes, as well as a couple of grungy butch girls. I bet if the boyfriend had been the one wearing the short shorts, nobody would have thought twice. It's ironic that those with counterculture style would act almost puritanically to an inkling of vanilla hoochiness. I suppose that sexiness without some sort of edge can get a little boring. But when the alternative simply becomes another uniform, then it's lost its point!