Wednesday, April 7, 2004

I've got some nice feedback on the new pics. The poses are all vintage cheesecake style, the 50s pin-up look -- a nice change of pace. And now you can see how long my hair's grown out :->

On a more serious note, I wanted to address the use of cuckoldry in my scenes. I recall seeing a thread on Max Fisch where many dommes and subs had the misconception that this type of play must entail explicit sexuality on the part of the Mistress. The attitudes expressed seemed so close-minded to me that I didn't bother to post my own thoughts on the matter (If after all the warnings and clarifications on my site, people still think I'll engage in explicit activities with my body, then you are just not listening!)

This is how cuckoldry works for me. By putting it out there as an interest, I have drawn some men who have been cuckolded in real life or have fantasies about it. In such a scene, I would draw out this fantasy/reality through a seductively probing interrogation, finding the juiciest tidbits in their perverted little heads and using that information to teasingly humiliate them. It is often integrated into the training of a slave to be a slut, as their cuckolded state is perfect for erotic submission, receptivity and service; e.g. cuckolds can make great cock-suckers :-)

Now I do think that past real-life experiences of cuckoldry can be really hot after the fact. Those currently experiencing real-life cuckoldry in a safe, sane and consensual manner are also in a good place. But no, I do not directly engage in cuckoldry. Sad but true: I do not allow slaves to watch me have sex, or clean up after the mess. And please, don't even think about verbally expressing your fantasies of having me cuckold you. I'll talk about how your girlfriend/wife/lover cuckolds you, but I won't play the part. I am your Mistress, and for me that means I am your slave/animal/slut trainer. And as far as I'm concerned, that's a pretty nice part to work with ;-)