Friday, September 19, 2003

I watched Animatrix the other day. It's a bunch of anime-style animation shorts by the makers of The Matrix. I thought they were much more provocative and philosophically deep then the sequel -- and great for those of us with short attention spans!

I think it could be a blast to do a Matrix-inspired roleplay. There are so many interesting themes to explore. Taking the red pill: a choice between fantasy and reality. To trust another to guide you to a new level of understanding. To revel in the allure of the imagined and be unafraid of the rawness of truth. You've got slick fetish fashion. And an aesthetic where east meets west in the very form of the main character (yes, Keanu is a hapa) and in the mix of martial arts and guns, eastern enlightenment ideas with western heroics. It could have parallels with something more traditional like a vampire role-play but with a more modern, cyberpunk attitude. On a sidenote, I like the look of the new vampire vs. werewolves movie The Underworld for just this reason -- because it updates the genre with a future-forward stylishness.