Monday, August 25, 2003

I was recently asked the question: What is it that you seek? Is fame important, or is respect enough? Or is it something else entirely?

First and foremost, I seek to gain greater knowledge and experience new things. I also want to have fun while doing it. I seek recognition, but not fame. Respect, but not adoration. I want to touch the lives of others in deeply powerful and positive ways. Born and raised in Hollywood, I am highly skeptical of the cult of celebrity. In fact, I almost wish for the day when all stars are replaced by computer-generated images! But seriously, my goal in life is to be a renaissance woman. To taste the rich offerings of life. More in a figurative than material sense. And part of that is to not be limited in my sense of self. I have found it quite liberating to retain a sense of mystery. Like a superhero or spy, I move with stealth among the crowds. And for those who seek me out, to meet me in person it is that much more special because I am hidden from the masses, reserved for those who make that extra effort.

One happy side effect of prodomination has been a rekindling of the joys of writing. I never really stopped. But now I am publishing my thoughts again and it gives me great satisfaction to share them with others...