Thursday, July 3, 2003

In the past, I used to enjoy straight, mainstream porn magazines and videos. I was never one to read Cosmo or other so-called women's magazines because I found their focus on "how to get a man" and "be skinny" to be passive-aggressively misogynistic. Instead, I happiliy subscribed to several adult men's magazines. Yet since I started work as a prodomme, I've chafed at the same images that once turned me on. Now when I look at mainstream porn, I see how in every pictoral or scene it’s the women who are submissive and receptive. I'm not offended by this objectification in and of itself, but I now see how one-sided it is. So I am searching for some fun, hot but decidedly more kinky images. I posted a question about this on Max Fisch with only 1 response. Am I alone in my search? The one person who responded was Mistress Yasmin Ling -- a TS domme I met at one of the DomDominion events. She has a lovely fetish site called which deals with the eroticization of being fullbody encased in nylon hosiery, spandex and other materials.